CEO and Founder

Chuck Meyers RN, BSN, CCRN

CEO and founder of Martial Arts Med

Hi! My name is Chuck Meyers and I am the founder of Martial Arts Med. I have been a Registered Nurse for a little over 7 years and have worked mainly in Critical Care in close to 10 different hospitals. I have been exposed to a very diverse patient population that has helped me grow into the nurse I am today. 


When I first landed in California as a travel nurse, I thought it would be awesome to try something new. I first arrived in Los Angeles summer 2015 to take a travel contract at USC Medical Center. I began searching for martial arts academies in the area and found a Krav Maga Worldwide Headquarters. I joined and continued to train Krav Maga for the next couple years until I had started taking some private Jiu Jitsu lessons up in Santa Barbara, California. Onward from there I continued my training under Ralph Gracie black belt, Renan Silva (Sunset Jiu Jitsu) up in San Francisco, California.

I now reside and study Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under black belt and world champion Clark Gracie at Gracie Allegiance Jiu Jitsu Academy in San Diego, CA. I continue to work as a Registered Nurse at UC San Diego Medical Center. One of my main goals with Martial Arts Med is to continue to grow my self-defense courses for healthcare staff and bridge the gap between my two worlds. Martial Arts...and Medicine. 

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